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Treasure Island

Nach dem Roman von Robert Louis Stevenson

Regie: Dan Wilder
ADG Europe, München

Ab 12 Jahre
Dauer: 90 Minuten

‘Treasure Island’ is the original Pirate story, the marvellous adventure upon which everything from ‘Peter Pan’ to ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ is based and one of the finest tales ever told. The cast of characters such as Long John Silver, Blind Pew, Ben Gunn and Jack Hawkins have passed from literature into legend. The Pirate Captain’s treasure, buried on a tropical island has become a symbol of hope and fortune, but also of a cursed and poisoned cup that brings destruction down on those who seek it. Is the story for children or adults? The answer is both; Robert Louis Stephenson is one of the finest writers of the Victorian age, a time when the modern world was explored an defined. We should expect nothing less from the author of ‘Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde’. TNT’s production is created by Dan Wilder and Paul Stebbings, who have worked together for over ten years. The production is aimed at younger teenagers and employs clear and simple English and is accessible to anyone who enjoys a good Pirate tale! The style is fast, often funny and action packed. The wise and cunning teenage hero provides a model for a younger audience.

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