53rd International Jazz Week: Phalanx, Emma Rawicz Chroma and SiEA

53rd International Jazz Week: Phalanx, Emma Rawicz Chroma and SiEA

The martial band name is a little misleading: The Phalanx quartet doesn't sound like a closed front, but is an open system. The relevant coordinates are jazz and something avant-garde metal-like, hard to define. Within these coordinates you can then
Everything actually happens, and when the band talks about “25 ideas” per composition, that’s still putting it modestly.

The inventiveness and beauty of Phalanx's music arise from poles that are still traditionally opposed to each other: jazz on the one hand, rock and noise on the other. Or transferred to the instruments: the piano on one side, an electric guitar distorted in many interesting ways (played by Axel Zajac, Jazz Prize finalist “Malstrom”) on the other. Jazz rock, so to speak - but without everything that often makes classic jazz rock so horrible. So without self-absorbed soloing and bad gloating.

Instead, the three musicians led by bandleader Mathieu Bech play an amalgam of jazz and avant rock. Pieces in which elegiac piano melodies can be replaced by a freely rotating guitar without there being a change in genre; in which the neoclassical is interrupted by noise and you think “Yes, that’s right”. Or, to quote the title of a piece: “Now
I notice it too.”

Phalanx on YouTube

Emma Rawicz
“An amazing new talent” (Jamie Cullum)
“a name on everyone's lips right now” (BBC 3)
“a fast-rising star” (London Jazz)
“a force to be reckoned with” (Jazzwise).

At just twenty-one years old, Emma Rawicz has already laid many important foundations for a great career, although she is still a student in the jazz department of London's Royal Academy of Music. In fact, it can already be considered part of the wave of young British jazz that has left its mark around the world.

The North Devon-born saxophonist has led her band at festivals in Istanbul, Eilat in Israel and Strasbourg. She also single-handedly negotiated and managed a seventeen-date UK tour for her quintet. She headlined at Ronnie Scott's and won Newcomer of the Year at the Parliamentary Jazz Awards 2022. Emma Rawicz was nominated for the Jazz FM Awards and was a finalist in the BBC Young Jazz Musician competition. “Chroma,” their ACT debut, marks a new and important step.



How wonderful anger can sound, how joyful heartache, how loud rebellion!
SiEA writes everything off his chest, frees himself from sadness and starts dancing.
SiEA hits, builds up, from tiny to huge.
SiEA makes socially critical avant-garde pop, heartbreaking indie rock and exciting techno ballads.

“A true natural phenomenon. No other word would be more suitable for this surprising mix of spherical sounds to bombastic big band sound.” Michaela Pelz, Süddeutsche Zeitung

The female-power avant-garde pop band from Munich has been taking to the stages of Germany since January 2018 and thrilled fans at the Jazz Prize final in Burghausen in 2019. The seven musicians indulge in the intimacy of a duo moment, then in the next moment the entire apparatus of rhythm section, Brass feature and sometimes three-part singing. The clever use of synthesizers and electronic effects rounds off the band's own sound. She also remains visually memorable thanks to her dazzling, bright costume design.





Sunday 17 Mar .2024

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  • Time zone: Europe / Berlin
  • Date: Sunday 17 Mar .2024
  • Time: 16:00



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city ​​hall
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